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Achieve your professional potential

The Progress Partnership is a London based coaching and training consultancy, helping both individuals and businesses within the global risk and (re)insurance sector to achieve maximum success.

We specialise in providing tailored leadership, management and cultural development solutions based on many years� experience in financial services, blended with the most up to date scientific research and psychology.  This unique combination enables a thorough understanding of our clients and their needs and ensures that the solutions we deliver drive lasting, positive results.
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[retinaicon icon=”lightbulb” color=”#ffffff” background=”#efefef” size=”medium”]Work with us one to one and achieve the career success that you deserve.[/box][/one_fourth]
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[retinaicon icon=”trophy” color=”#ffffff” background=”#efefef” size=”medium”]Unique programmes designed to achieve optimum business results for brokers and insurers.[/box][/one_fourth]
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Case Studies

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Pro Bono

[retinaicon icon=”heart” color=”#ffffff” background=”#efefef” size=”medium”]This is how we enjoy giving back and helping others; we’d love you to join us.[/box][/one_fourth_last]


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Recent Articles


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Read the latest testimonials from our happy clients

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[one_third][testimonial author=”Insurance Broker”]�Delivery of the presentation was fantastic. Katherine was concise and to the point whilst still allowing time for us to openly discuss our own experience. I have since picked up and used her advice provided in her workshop. Thank you!�[/testimonial][/one_third]
[one_third][testimonial author=”Property Underwriter, Lloyds Syndicate”]�This workshop has been incredibly relevant to my job. I have increased confidence in addressing clients and brokers and a better understanding of how to articulate the benefits of doing business with us.�[/testimonial][/one_third]
[one_third_last][testimonial author=”R Saunders, The Challenge Network.”]�Katherine is adaptable and able to tailor workshops and presentations to meet anyone�s needs. She is inspirational and motivational – her sessions are fun and engaging. Katherine has such an interesting history and a wealth of life experience that brings her sessions to life with great anecdotes and examples.�[/testimonial][/one_third_last]

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